Oct 27, 2016

Let’s sing it, ladies! G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S!
When you’re life is first class, up in the sky, popping champagne and living the life, it’s time to honor your glossy (yes, we replaced the flossy) life. And nothing says “glossy” more than these bags. Great for your first rate travels around the world.

Anne Klein Crossbody

The strobe lights of the club is the not the only thing that shines in the night. Aside from your natural seductive techniques, this Anne Klein Crossbody is also showing off some sparkles as you move.
It’s a small piece, perfect for dancing your night away, without worrying where your phone and money went. A great contrast for your flashy club outfit, this subtle, black “sequined” number is here to be your grounding wardrobe accent, without losing the flash.

Anne Klein Shoulder Bag

To wear teal is to tease. Is it blue or green? Depends on the lighting definitely. But as you allow other people to squabble about the bag that you are carrying, you are just living your life being the fodder of style debates. Bring this to your lunch dates, power meetings or just your daily errand bag. And you will always be reminded of how glossy your life is.

Lacoste Glossy Tote

Well it’s already in the name, ladies. Lacoste Glossy Tote has already epitomized modern, powerful woman. And although “pink” is the usual choice of femininity, the brand gives you a different option to express your female prowess. Think of it as the yellow ranger of the Power Rangers. She’s still one of the girls of the group, but not as delicate as the pink one.
Tough, strong-willed and bright in aura, this glossy yellow tote is the next crown jewel of your wardrobe. When you are thinking of showing girl power in a different kind of “light”, then go get this one.