Nov 03, 2016

“We want you! We want you! We want you as our new recruit!”
For those who are nostalgic about the past, yes you are right. It’s the “In The Navy” song by the Village people. And if you are looking for “new bag recruits”, can we suggest the followings applicants?

BCBGeneration Navy Blue Clutch

Looking for the thrill of the frill? Then buy this now. This navy blue clutch by BCBGeneration is here to serve you through high and low “style tides”. Pair this with your casuals and you are definitely going to be lifted to “style safety”. But when you want to raise the levels of your fashion taste, then this accessory will definitely add to your style points.

Etienne Agner Navy Blue Crossbody

For those who are looking for the middle ground of darkness and light, then Etienne Agner has sent you a bag angel to meet you half-way through the vast oceans of fashion. This little Navy Blue Crossbody is ready to be your style savior.
It is less than 12 inches so it’s easy to carry around the body (not too bulky for our usual taste). With chain and leather straps attached, you can rest assure that everything is in great shape in your very own “style shore”.

Elizabeth and James Navy Blue Carryall

When things are easy in style, it only means one thing --- it’s really meant for you. And if that is the case, then we definitely thing that this Elizabeth and James Navy Blue Carryall bag is bound to be yours from the beginning.
Made of leather but woven in style, it’s the grounding factor that you need, if you are amongst a violent crash of style waves and wannabees. Make that style ship look like it’s gliding over the water with ease, ladies. Take this one home.