Nov 21, 2016

Much has been said about Isaac Mizrahi, from amazing designs to the mishaps of the 2008 Golden Globes, this designer and TV personality has practically been through it all. Speaking of which, his eponymous line has greatly diversified itself and as fashionistas, we are eternally grateful. And just like the designer himself, the bags are all about “drama”. Here are our top picks:

Isaac Mizrahi Brown Handbag

If you are looking for “the minimalist yet it won’t dissolve in style kind of bag”, then this one is for the purchase. We love the light brown leather appeal of the bag. It is ready to be the background of both of your corporate and even soft light outfits.

Isaac Mizrahi Pink Crossbody

This one is for the young ones --- or at least that stylish commuter of the New York subway. This light leather crossbody bag is your ultimate stylish buddy. Perfect for your jeans and blazers type of day.
The bag has an adjustable strap, ready for you to customize your bag and fashion experience. And with multi-pockets inside, you know that organization is going to be easy. Strong in style and function, this bag is going to work as hard as you.

Isaac Mizrahi Green Satchel

Green can be hard to pull off sometimes. Too much of it against the wrong color and you got yourself a messy and outdated outfit. But fear not, Isaac Mizrahi got the bag cure for this dilemma.
This green satchel is also a bit of a blue hue. So at least it has that sense of transformation if you do need it. It’s more than just plain green, but it’s not entirely blue either. Perfect for spring wardrobes or even those boho outfits you are thinking for the summer. And with all the white and black going on this winter? This green is the perfect “style ornament” to dangle on you.