Dec 22, 2016

When was the last time you felt like it was the first time? Sounds like a deep question isn’t it? Well, here in Bag Cupid, we like to connect the deep questions with the real issue of our passion --- bags. So in this case, when was the last time you felt like it was the first time you have seen an incredible bag? If you can’t remember, well, we are here to show you something fresh and new. Take a look at these “ecru-dible” bags that we found just for you!

Coach Ecru Crossbody

Something dainty for your collection? Look no further. Coach has created this ecru cross body for your bag pleasure.
With the subtle notes of the artistic floral print, you get a softness and some pop vibe on your outfit that day. Great for girl-next-door images or even a great contrast to the hard outfits of leather jackets, jeans and basic top.

Botkier Ecru Crossbody

For the ladies who are looking for something more visually moving, then this Botkier Ecru Crossbody is going to a gem of your style crown. With zipper and simple tassel accents, this bag is a little Swiss army “style” knife that will not stop giving one visual interest after another.
Add the texture of the leather and the metallic contrast of the studs and zippers and you got yourself a visual treat perfect in giving a strong style statement. Think of this as the white cherry on your layered outfit this winter.

Balenciaga Ecru Handbag

And now, for something simple and plain --- but then again it’s Balenciaga and all of a sudden, this minimalist piece means everything. Sexy, sophisticated and sleek, this Balenciaga Ecru Handbag is just a classic bag gem that is absolutely seasonless, yet perpetually relevant for many occasions.