Aug 09, 2016

Ivanka Trump has always been in the news. This woman has never been shy to the spotlight. And just like any female who could, she expanded her brand towards fashion.Let’s check out some of her top IT bags in the market.

Ivanka Trump’s Rio Nesting Cosmetic Case

You got to love a bag that keeps on giving. This $55 piece actually has 2 other pieces that go with it. So if you think about it, one bag equals three --- what a deal! And it’s a cosmetics case. You now have more compartments to put your beauty products in. And with its blue color, it’s easy to distinguish inside your big bag.

Ivanka Trump’s Dorado Crossbody Bag

At first look, we actually thought we would classify this as a handbag. And of course it is! It’s just that it is also convertible to a crossbody. Given its small size (less than 12 inches), it is actually comfortable enough to wear as one, even with its dome like shape. It has a zipper enclosure and a tubular handle. Perfect for those who are looking for some bag security and comfort. Also, it is made up of leather, so you know that the sturdiness is not going to be problem.

Ivanka Trump’s Hopewell Clutch

If you are looking for some class and sophistication then this piece is the one that you are looking for. Ivanka Trump’s line definitely thought of the local urbanite for this one. We can see this being carried around in those exclusive parties down to the dark and sexy bars around the city. Wear your little black dress and make this the jewel statement. You can’t do wrong.