Aug 08, 2016

Another celebrity that struck big at the fashion industry is Jessica Simpson. These bag designs are not only practical, but price friendly (currently starts at around $25 dollar range) for the mass market. Check out our favorite picks!

Jessica Simpson’s Hanna Shoulder Bag

Who doesn’t like a good snake skin pattern? Be at peace PETA, it’s just the pattern and not the actual material. However, you have got to hand it to Jessica as this $40 bag also includes some nice surprise additional --- it comes with a small matching pouch inside! Wonderful isn’t it?
For us, in the land of stale, daily, errand bags --- this one could definitely be the Queen. The pattern is striking but not tasteless in silhouette. It’s perfect to brighten up any casual ensemble.

Jessica Simpson’s Annabelle Tote Bag

You got to “straw” the line on this one. Sorry, we just have to do it. This straw bag is a perfect pair for your light vacations. In all honesty, we love the semi-dome silhouette of the bag and how it allows the material shine more as a statement rather than the usual color route. It looks organic, cool and grounded. It’s perfect for those colorful hippie outfits you got in mind or even go for the full contrast of corporate suits and flats.

Jessica Simpson’s Cameron Tote Bag

A blast of orange color! We love how zesty this tote looks and how balanced the whole style aesthetic is. The bag allowed the hue itself to catch your attention and then you go into the small details of the perforated material and chain accents of the handle. We definitely love how fun and light this is. Perfect again as a daily bag (the type that you don’t’ have to think anymore that ties your whole look together).