Aug 16, 2016

Beads are most probably one of the oldest accents in style ever known. Found even in the oldest civilizations from the west side of the globe, until now it’s one of the most looked for crafts in the fashion industry and we don’t even see a slow down for its demand. This begs the question --- why are bead bags forever in the first place?

The kind of beads are numerous.

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From metallic down to plastic, beads come in many sizes, materials and forms. Combine that to the designs of other beads and you got yourself style possibilities yet to be explored. Even bigger of an idea, beads can even make up the whole bag or just the accents to make a plain leather look glamourous. It is with this flexibility that’s why Bead bags will definitely be forever.

Treatment of beads itself is numerous.

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You can paste, glue, sew, crush, embed, embossed etc. beads. Beadwork is more than just thread work --- it’s the whole shebang! And with each treatment, a new design opens up and a whole new look is born. If that doesn’t equate to forever in bag design re-invention --- we don’t know what is.

The design possibilities are endless.

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Beads are just small accents that are endlessly combined with others to come up with the most intricate designs. The final design can be as big as how the designer sees it or even the opposite. Point of the matter is, beadwork is a great avenue for artists and the style is only limited by the creator’s imagination. And that’s why for us, there is no stopping these designers in creating more bags with beadwork in the future.