Jun 26, 2016

The Kate Spade Company has its home in New York but most their bags are manufactured in Italy. On the inside of the bags you will find a soft and supple suede lining. The bags are made to wear well and are the type of bags that will never go out of style because they are not trendy but instead feature a combination of balanced classic and modern design features.

Kate Spade provides a plethora of styles in her handbag line that appeal to persons with different taste sensibilities. One thing you can always count on Kate Spade for is a bag that is chic and fun while being elegant and playful. Her collection is very versatile with many of her bags having the ability to be worn in different settings and to different events while fitting in perfectly. For instance you can find a cross body bag that you could use in the office and still use it for a night out with it being appropriate for each occasion’s setting and dress code.

You will find a unique combination of handbags in the line. Some that are streamlined and that fit in well with the corporate world and fun creations that are whimsical and unique where there is no guessing, once you see them you know it is Kate Spade. She has bags for every age group and they are all made to the best specifications and are all designer quality. She is able to design bags that are fun and unique and eye catching without being too flashy no matter who it appeals to. She found the perfect balance to making her bags noticeable but not obnoxiously so.

For instance, let’s take a look at the Clement Street Blair handbag. This tote bag comes in a medium size and has white on the front and back façade and black to the sides. On the front just about the Kate Spade logo is a large black bow to add a touch of chic elegance to the bag. Its leather structure and hardware feet make it a good choice for the office and its size make it a great carry all bag.

Kate Spade’s bags are different because they are modern and lively. They are designed to keep up with the trend and many times set them. With their small and subtle logo, its more about the bag than it is about the brand. This is one of the main differences with Kate Spade and other bag designers – it is not all about the logo or the name but more about the bag but it doesn’t get lost that you are wearing Kate Spade even if someone can’t see the logo – they will definitely know it’s a Kate Spade item. From their unique patterns, colors, unusual shapes, exciting materials and fun themes of their handbags.

A good example of a bag from the line that definitely stands out is the Brightwater Drive Rachelle Satchel handbag. This medium sized bag is very outspoken from its bright green to its floral design. It comes with double tubular handles and an adjustable cross body strap which can be used for over the shoulder carry. It features a zipper closure and has a small Kate Spade logo but you can tell right away that it is from the Kate Spade line thanks to its exuberance.

The bags in the Kate Spade line are simple and understated but are recognizable everywhere even the simplest handbag silhouette in the line stands out and says I am a Kate Spade bag. Owning one of these bags you will get compliments and comments everywhere you go on how nice and unique your bag is.