Oct 28, 2016

Little is written about Kavu the bag brand. However, that doesn’t mean that this bag is to go unnoticed. It is probably one of the most mass-used bags around the world. Casual, comfortable and practical, Kavu is about the lifestyle of every day adventure and this bag is going to be your companion.

Kavu Sydney Hobo Bag

If you are looking for something fun and easy, then this printed Kavu number is ready to serve you. We are loving the “art attack” theme of the bag, perfect for those daily shirt and jeans type of day. With a very large body (less than 14 inches) you can practically fit your whole “house” in there and some incidentals along the way.
And we know that fall is just around the corner, but hey --- it’s summer somewhere. For the times that you are about to chase the sun, take this with you.

Kavu Radius Crossbody

For the travelers of the world, Kavu has something for you. It’s small, yet durable. It’s round. So it is easy to carry on the sides. The Kavu Radius Crossbody is an amazing travel buddy. Aside from the three rope strap, inside the bag is also a small side pocket where you can place your other essentials even more securely. So while you roam the streets of Kuala Lumpur down to the beaches of the Maldives, you can rest easy knowing that you got what you need.

Kavu Pascal Handbag

Life is an adventure, they always say. And if you need a “positive and upbeat” partner for it, then this Kavu Pascal Handbag is the right pick. Small in size (less than 12 inches), this handbag is for the light travelers. Pack in your essentials and head on to tick off the tasks of the day. With Kavu by your side, it’s always going to be easy.