Dec 13, 2016

As they say, for public safety, always keep your dogs on a leash, big or small. But in terms of style safety, we prefer the dogleash-clip on the bag. As much as there are more demand for zippers, bags with dogleash-clip closure needs to have her reputation amped up. Not only is she stylish and effective in closing your bag for you, but it’s also easy to use. Just clip and go! Here are our top picks:

Ralph Lauren Yellow Handbag

We definitely love it when a bag is more than what meets the eye. This yellow Ralph Lauren piece is perfect for the sunny days down to the lull of the winter season. It’s a handbag, satchel and shoulder bag in one. And aside from the dogleash-clip feature, we love how the adjustable strap gives you the style freedom to adjust and the multi-pockets feature answers your organizational needs.

Kenneth Cole Green Shoulder Bag

For the quiet and minimalist, include this to your list. This Green Kenneth Cole reaction shoulder bag is perfect for your lifestyle and wardrobe. The dogleash-clip goes well with your “easy and effortless” motif, while the simple structure and silhouette gives it enough presence to be a statement piece still. You won’t get lost in the lot with this one.

Kate Spade Gray Tote

If you are feeling a little “gray and gloomy”, then grab this Kate Spade glory immediately. Of course, we highly doubt that after your buy this, you will still feel “gloomy” at all. This spacious printed tote is a classic piece that will last in your wardrobe for many seasons to come.
Pair it with your overly printed dresses and get up and you got yourself that grounding point needed to stabilize your outfit. And with an easy dogleash-clip feature, the hidden bling is just a plus.