Aug 26, 2016

Ditch those bags that you get for free for buying their laptops. It usually lacks a note of style. But designers are here to rescue you from your dilemma! They understand that laptop is now a part of your life, and they are going to put the “style” back to it. Here is our favorite picks:

Lodis Laptop Bag

What caught our eye is how visually smooth the bag is. It provides a sense of minimalism that is a great foundation for any other outfit. This means that it’s easy to pair aside from being functional with your wardrobe.
After that, you get hooked with how soft and feminine it looks with its coral color. If your wardrobe is predominantly black, then this little number is what you need to break up the monotony of it all. If you are also into girly outfits, by all means --- yes!

Kate Spade Laptop Bag

This one is for the young ones. At least, even for those who want to have a hint of it in their wardrobe. To be honest, this has “college vibes” all over it for us. It’s in a classic navy blue color with beige accents. Paired with those preppy outfits? This just screams perfection. We can see the Ivy league people carrying this around from one part of the campus over to the other, papers and books clasped on their chest.

Fossil Laptop Bag

Looking for some hipster vibe? This bag is it. We actually can describe this as more of a “transitional” bag in terms of style and age. For those who just graduated college or is just starting to embrace the working world, this laptop bag is good enough for both work and daily needs.