Feb 23, 2017

Leather bags --- almost a dime a dozen. And we know that here in Bag Cupid, we feature some of them (okay so maybe A LOT). But why wouldn’t we? It’s one of the toughest bags out there, application is almost endless and it’s a classic piece that every bag lover should own!
But then again classic may become synonymous to boring. That’s not the case for Leatherock though. The moment we saw these precious bags, we can’t stop the feeling of being giddy and refreshed.
It’s not the usual browns and it has a touch of gems/rhinestones, almost a form of the “modern medieval”. Here is our favorite ones:

Leatherock Black Clutch

If Anne Rice’s Vampires made a return to the fashion world (as it has somewhat influenced the 90’s), we are sure that this is the bag that would encapsulate that moment. Dark, mysterious and encrusted with a gem/rhinestone brooch --- this is perfect for those “edgy rock” concerts and parties in your favorite underground bars.

Leatherock Blue Crossbody

We now switch to something lighter. Think of the cool sea breeze splashing against the islands of Greece. It’s that sense of serenity, simplicity and luxury that this Leatherock Blue Crossbody embodies.
Perfect for your printed Spring dresses down to your colorful and flowing maxi dresses, this is the piece that will add to your statement of unparalleled style serenity.

Leatherock White Crossbody

Something more simple and minimalistic. This one is for the bag lovers who are looking for some “style cleansing” --- a break from the usual loud and overbearing details of fashion.
This simple Leatherock White Crossbody is perfect for the laid back wardrobes that you have been planning. It’s a subtle sheen of the gold chain and shine of the details that will bring the whole look together into a silenced but attention worthy outfit.