Jan 12, 2017

The holiday is all about the red, white, silver and gold (with a bit of green on the side). And while everyone is all about the bright highlights and the bold dark coats, you may be craving for something “royal” and in between. If blue is too “blue” for you, then we present to you something different --- purple bags that will help you reign in style.

Foley + Corrina Purple Bucket Bag

When the style calls for something casual and comfortable, you reach for this Foley + Corrina Bucket bag and you are good to go. Great to pair with your denims, basic tee and boots, this bag’s purple hue will add a dash of color and elegance to your outfit. Even if you wear your furriest of winter coats, this will not get lost. The bag’s silhouette itself is prepared to stand out with all the fluff going on.

Ralph Lauren Purple Tote Bag

Luxurious and elegant --- just a few things that would describe Ralph Lauren’s brand. And true to the designer’s preferences, this purple tote bag offers the same. If not, it even adds comfort and ease into the mix!
Multicolor and with a wavy geometric print, we are sent back to the 70’s without being outdated. Pair this with your brightest winter styles and this will become the gem that will adorn your style that day.

Fendi Purple Clutch Bag

Little elves dominate the season, but little stylish monsters are still at play. This fun and funky Fendi piece is ready to be your accomplice. Small but full of stylish punch, you can never go wrong with investing in this bag.
If you want a little play into your black dress to all those sophisticated parties you are invited too, then this is the ironic purple statement to bring. Just a clean silhouette with a bit of glamour is all you need to take your outfit to the next level.