Nov 04, 2016

“Life In Mono” is a song from the 90’s that is about that time when the right lover comes along. Everything vanishes from the view and even the past things that used to haunt you no longer stir anything inside of you. We’re pretty sure it’s the same feeling when you see the right bag. And the bag with the perfect “monogram” doesn’t sound too bad either. Check out the selections:

Coach Monogram Crossbody

If you are looking for that one bag that will take an adventure with you around the world (like what lovers do), then don’t be shy to invite this bag on your way. This Coach Monogram Crossbody is the perfect “bag love” that you can get “engaged” with. Medium size (12 inches – 13.5 inches) and slim kind of strap, it’s going to be light and easy to carry around even with the “excess baggage” inside.

Gucci Monogram Dufflebag

“I love you. You love me.” --- you probably sang it Barney the Purple Dinosaur style and we don’t’ judge you. This Gucci Purple Duffle bag is definitely singing the same tune. For the international luxury travelers, nothing says “elite” than a Gucci dufflebag sitting next to you in a flight. Tubular handles make sure that you won’t get tired “holding” it, while you walk around the streets of Paris for a romantic stroll. And with the gold hardware accents, it’s definitely a glamorous romance between the two of you.

Tommy Hilfigher Monogram Shoulderbag

Red is the color of love and temptation and this bag has embodied both. “Life In Mono” is definitely realized with the seduction of elegance from the gold hardware down to the “tough elements” of the jacquard material. Smooth and reliable, just like how a great lover should be.