Oct 25, 2016

Usually, it’s “sealed” with a kiss, but here in Bag Cupid, it’s locked with it. And of course, we are talking about those classic “kiss locks” on the bags. Some may say these locks are for coin purses of the vintage days. We say that it’s here to stay and any generation can get the fashion benefits of it. Here is our top 3 kiss lock bags that we think you need to consider for your wardrobe curation.

Nine West Morley Crossbody

Black and white crocodile pattern --- how much more classic do we need to get here? Added with a kiss lock element and you got yourself a bag that is “seasonless”. Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall, this bag is definitely going to please.
Small in size (less than 12 inches) but not in fashion statement, this Nine West beauty is ready to be with your ensembles throughout the year. From the frilly Summer boho chic dresses, down to the Faux Fur coats of winter, this crossbody is going to dangle across your chest and shoulders, giving you that additional wardrobe flair.

Hobo Lauren Wallet

One thing about kiss lock bags is that it has a bit of notoriety to being “limited” in opening. Fear not, ladies. This Hobo Lauren Wallet just looks like it’s a “hard candy” and won’t open up as much, but it will surprise you! When you remove the kiss lock, the soft body interior actually opens up fully revealing all the great compartments inside for your financial organization.
Style, function and surprises --- who thought kiss lock bags cannot be this fashionably sassy?

Nine West 9s Crossbody

So what’s different with this one? Aside from the print, the kiss lock accent is the prominent hardware in the middle. It is multi-pocket in feature so aside from the glorious navy blue logo treatment, you get yourself some compartments to utilize as well. Surely, this one is not only for the oldies, but for the new generation of bag lovers, ready to “kiss” their style alive.