Apr 03, 2017

They say that the monster in Frankenstein was made with different parts of people and animals. And as far as Hollywood would go, he would always appear like he was sewn up part by part to make a whole. He may be deemed as a monster but if he was a bag, he would be a piece of wearable art. Check out these bags with patchworks you may go “mad scientist” for!

Coach Patchwork Saddle Bag

Talk about a burst of color both visual and textural. Coach delivers a patchwork saddle bag that is both stylish and comfortable to use. With an adjustable flat strap, you can change this in accordance to your own body, making your bag work for you rather than the other way around. It has an easy flap closure and button hook clasp inside to secure your things, so easy access with stylish sensibilities gives it a plus.

Fossil Patchwork Shoulder bag

If you are aiming for some clean and classic look, then this Fossil Patchwork Shoulder Bag is the love gem to have and to hold. The play of black, burgundy, saddle and blue gives it that fun and playful look. But all of the colors are held by a “triangular” visual look making it more tamed than the Coach bag shown earlier.
And being a large bag (less than 14 inches), you know that it will not only carry your style but your stuff as well. Essentials and more? No problem with this Fossil piece.

Patricia Nash Patchwork Crossbody

Looking for that traditional patchwork look? The kind that has the threads showing? Well look no further. Patricia Nash delivers a classic patchwork visual on this small crossbody. Circular in silhouette, you know that this is going to be a classic statement piece in your wardrobe.