Jun 24, 2016

What is a Minaudiere, how do you even pronounce that word, why do I find that there are minaudiere clutches and just clutches?!! What are box clutches – they all look alike in the pictures!!! Is this you right now….Are you thoroughly confused or maybe just a little bit? We are here to help you clear up your bag style lingo.

The Minaudiere

Think of a minaudiere as the clutches cousin. Their shape and build is similar to that of an eyeglass case but you will find that Minaudieres are bigger. They are often called box clutches and you may find this term more often than you find the term minaudiere. It is pronounced min·au·dière or /ˌmēnōdˈyer/. This type of purse made its appearance in the 1930’s when Florence Gould was witnessed placing a number of her essential items into a small tin box. The minaudiere has since then undergone a bit of design changes and are now made with a number of variations.

Typically these are made from leather and suede and are often embellished with gems, rhinestones, crystals and other jewels, though you can find a plain one with. They are very lightweight and have a really feminine allure to them. They are most often made without a strap or chain but you may find a couple with this feature. They are designed to be carried in the palm of your hand and have a limited capacity.

Uses of the Minaudiere

The minaudiere is meant for evening use and can hold just a limited amount of items due to its very structured design. It is best used as a fashion statement and less for its functionality. It is perfect for accessorizing at a party in your own home as you will have all your essentials close by. It is also good for parties at a close friends or when going out with the beau knowing you don’t need anything more than a lipstick to do touch ups. Typically these types of purses are paired with formal wear for events such as weddings, cocktail parties and red carpet events.

The Clutch

The clutch is a purse or bag you hold in your hand. This is available in a number of styles and sizes including oversized ones that allow for functionality as well as serve the purpose of accessorizing. Unlike Minaudieres clutches provide more capacity and as such can be used for a wider array of events. Once clutches were only used for cocktail or evening events but now they can be used for much more. Some of the different variations of the clutch include those with a zip top, those with a flap top, those with a kiss-lock closure and some that are gusseted.

Remember when you are searching for a minaudiere you are very likely to come up on the term “box clutch”. What sets the two apart in terms of their design is that a minaudiere is shaped like a small box and is structured whereas a clutch tends to be shaped more like an envelope and is not as structured. Your minaudiere bag is better used as an accessory and not as a fully functional purse and is perfect for evening use. You can always use it to dress up your jeans and heels though. Your clutches can be used for anything from day to evening events and can I am sure you can find a type of clutch that you can pair with any type of attire.

Which One to Choose?

Choose a Minaudiere if…
  • You want a statement piece but don’t need a functional piece
  • You are going out and don’t need to bring too many essentials with you
  • You are going to a white collar event and want to ensure you look the part from head to toe
Choose a Clutch if…
  • You want a small purse that can accommodate your phone, keys, ID & credit cards as well as small makeup items such as a compact and lipstick
  • Its girls night out and you don’t need a full handbag You have an occasion that is semi casual but you still want to dress up a bit

Whichever style you choose and wherever you go ensure you look and feel your best and have the best of fun.