Jul 21, 2016

Tassel bags have been around for ages and for a great reason! It gives movement and styling accent, not only to the bag, but to the ensemble of the wearer. It’s usually confused with the fringe bag, but we can clarify the difference this way. A Tassel is basically a bunch of strings/cords/braids tied at one end and free on the other, while a fringe is basically strings/cords/braids that are lined up at the end of a specific material.
With that distinction in mind, here are our top 3 picks for tassel bags that you should never toss out of your closet!

That Small Crossbody Bag (Try: Aldo’s Brown Cupid)

Why keep it: It’s small, sturdy and easy to carry for the wearer.
Yes it is small but not too small to the point you can only put your lipstick there. This has enough room for a phone, cash and some identification (should you need it). It’s sturdy enough in terms of silhouette and material (polyurethane) and since it is a crossbody? All you need to do is put it on and let is swing across your side, tassels and all!

That Big Nude Handbag (Check out: Kate Spade’s Grey Street Dominique)

Why keep it: Spacious, strong and can elegantly match almost any outfit
When we say “big” we are talking about more than 12 inches of space. That’s enough for your essentials and other incidentals that you may encounter along the way.
And if that is the case, you need a strong handbag and leather is always a tough material to depend on. Finally, the nude shade of the bag is great to match with almost any outfit from formal down to the casual. Nude as a hue will always look elegant.

That Statement Bag (Just like: Big Buddha’s Piera in Black)

Why keep it: It’s the only accessory that you will ever need, especially if you love downplayed ensembles a lot. But also if you are the opposite? Adding this to your wardrobe gives more drama to your style. And we definitely want more of that!