Jul 20, 2016

Michael Kors may have the image of strong and independent women down to a tee, but when it comes to fun, youthful and cosmopolitan ladies --- Nine West is its pure embodiment. Strong silhouettes plus vibrant colors, patterns and prints define this brand. So if you are looking for the statement that says “purely cosmopolitan” here are your best picks:

Ava Yellow Shoulder Tote

If you are looking for something simple, elegant and vibrant as you stroll across the city doing your errands, this is the perfect Nine West bag for you. The bag is big enough for your essentials and even some additional stuff as you go about your day.

And rain or shine? This yellow is perfect to brighten up or highlight any simple outfit.

Hot Mesh Blue Bucket Bag

No. This bag is not a “hot mess”, but it’s definitely a “hot mesh” type.
Bucket bags are great for those ladies who need easy access and lots of standing height for their bag. So if you got a lot of slim and tall stuff, then this Nine West bucket bag is for you. This mesh and nylon, drawstring combination is perfect for those casual outfits as you walk around the metro.

Kailey Black Crossbody

It’s small but don’t let that fool you. It packs a massive style punch for those downplayed denim outfits or even that professional-cross-bar-later-after-work type of ensembles.
This bag is sophisticated enough for any high end club or those indie waterholes that your friends might drag you into. Whatever the night holds for you, this crossbody bag will definitely “hold your stuff” down and should become one of your fashions staples.
Still not convinced? This bag is a snapback saddle bag. It’s easy to put on, manage and has cute little tassels that will definitely add visual depth to your party ensemble.