Dec 15, 2016

Although some may say this pattern is a bit “nerve tingling”, some are definitely loving and ogling all over the Ostrich pattern. Texture and visual wise, you cannot deny the simple yet commanding style punch it delivers each and every time. And in celebration of its beauty, we present to you three amazing Ostrich pattern bags we just can’t stop looking at!

Dooney & Burke Orange Ostrich Tote

You cannot deny this little piece’s presence. It is absolutely stunning and a major statement bag on its own. Dooney & Burke decided to combine the richness of the leather with the visual and textural capabilities of the Ostrich pattern, and as well as the striking color of orange. For those who are craving major style attention and praise --- this is the bag to get. Even if you are just wearing the usual shorts, tops and flip flop combination --- this tote is going to elevate your style points.

Kate Spade Blue Ostrich Handbag

For those who are looking for a more downplayed piece, then allow Kate Spade to give you the perfect bag partner. This blue leather ostrich pattern handbag is perfect for your corporate gatherings down to the power lunches with your best girlfriends. Strong in structure, this handbag is ready to carry about your essentials and your style throughout the day. And who can resist looking at and having that?

Coach Brown Ostrich Shoulder bag

The Ostrich pattern is already magnetic enough to stand on its own style wise. So if you are looking for a strong foundation for your daily outfit, then turn to Coach for your style savior.
This Coach Brown Ostrich Shoulder bag is perfect as your daily bag. The size is large (less than 14 inches) so you can be sure that it has enough space for your stuff. And with a touch of gold hardware and detachable strap to boot --- glam and adaptability are just two things you are about to enjoy while having it.