Jan 05, 2017

We are Bag Cupid. We help you find that one soul mate that will never make you cry and leave you. And even better, that soul mate that we will recommend here will upgrade you and serve you until its very last thread. And as a Bag Cupid, where would we be without our best bows (and arrows)? Check out our selection below:

Vivienne Westwood Black Satchel

If you want the kind of bow that is subtle as a thief in the night, but big enough to give an impact, then this Vivienne Westwood Black Satchel is the piece to take home.
We love how one material is used all over, giving it a solidified look. But with the use of silhouette manipulation and the structure of the bow itself? Well, it gives that little kick of style.
Great as a founding piece of your wardrobe, the classic black is a great start to decide whether it’s print or light for the rest of your outfit or even go deeper in the “dark side” of it all.

Kate Spade Pale Pink Tote Bag ($285)

For the ladies who lunch and rule the corporate boardroom, Kate Spade decided that you need a piece to hold when you do it all. This Pale Pink Tote bag is a perfect gem for you to pair with your hard suits down to the floral dresses of spring.
And what of the winter chills? Well, pastel will always look great with your whites and faux fur coats. The softness of the hue and the structure of the bag is enough to carry itself without being lost in your style.
And with that cute little bow detail? Who would have thought that a combination of hard leather and soft details can create such a powerful feminine beauty?

Victoria’s Secret Black Wristlet ($25)

Victoria has a secret and she wants you to know. This little black wristlet and pink little bow is perfect for either cosmetics or your little essentials in tow. And while it’s small, soft and sleek, the style and comfort of this gem is the one to beat. So take her home now or forever hold your piece because this little bag bow? It’s definitely not a miss!