Apr 17, 2017

Baggallini – “for life’s journey”. The tagline of the brand says it all. The pieces that they make is all about a lifestyle of a woman going from one obligation to another. Anticipating various occasions and needs, the brand provides bags that will definitely go “where life takes you”. Check out our picks: Baggallini Gray Tote Classic, sleek and easy to carry --- three things to begin with in describing this amazing beauty. This Baggallini Gray Tote is made up of nylon so you know it’s also a bit dirt and water resistant. Not only will this classic piece

Apr 03, 2017

They say that the monster in Frankenstein was made with different parts of people and animals. And as far as Hollywood would go, he would always appear like he was sewn up part by part to make a whole. He may be deemed as a monster but if he was a bag, he would be a piece of wearable art. Check out these bags with patchworks you may go “mad scientist” for! Coach Patchwork Saddle Bag Talk about a burst of color both visual and textural. Coach delivers a patchwork saddle bag that is both stylish and comfortable to use.

Mar 17, 2017

No. We are not talking about a dirty mind nor recycling. We are just talking about the color. Do you love it? Do you crave for it? Does it soothe you? Well, here is some “greenery” to look at and possibly “to buy for” to help you remain calm, collected and well “bagged-out”. Gx By Gwen Stefani Green Crossbody “Uh-huh! This my BAG” --- you sang it in your head though right? We can’t blame you. Gwen Stefani has instilled that song into our minds and now here she is again instilling a bag in our memories. We love

Mar 14, 2017

Summer is near and with that in mind we think of heat, sand and the beach. And those elements reminds us of these beautiful saddle colored bags that will surely delight and compliment your travel-to-relax outfits. Simple, brown and basic --- how can you go wrong with these picks? Dooney & Burke Saddle Satchel Double the handle. Double the zipper. Double the compartment. Double the fun. Or is it quadruple? Either way, you can do the style math. This Dooney & Burke Saddle Satchel is not only a beautiful piece, but a functional one. Wear it with your maxi dress

Mar 13, 2017

“You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that’s what it’s like when I see a store. Only it’s better.” – Rebecca Bloomwood, Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie This is the type of feeling that we also get when we find the perfect bag for us here in Bag Cupid. And speaking of “feelings” here are some bags that has a mixture of texture that will surely delight your senses. Ralph Lauren Shearling Bucket Bag A bit of leather. A