Aug 15, 2016

If you haven’t heard of Patricia Nash --- listen up! It’s a name that should be remembered and placed in every serious bag fashionista’s closet out there. When it comes to the leather game, many would boast of their quality as their main selling point. However, when it comes to this designer, quality is also equated to one of the greatest challenges in the fashion industry today --- originality.
In an industry where copycats are everywhere, we wonder how can she safeguard such value? In the brand’s website, her originality comes from the inspiration that her family, travel and the joys of life have given her. We can’t deny that. You can actually see it in the following top picks:

Patricia Nash Chania Crossbody

Simple yet blissful. This bag reminds us of smooth beach sailing in the Isles of Italy. We love how the randomly faded blue leather plays on the bag like clouds over the ocean. The simplicity of the fold in front gives it a minimalist yet statement look, making sure that when you do use it, it doesn’t fade at the background of your ensemble.

Patricia Nash Borse Wallet

Don’t let the name of the wallet fool you. Sure it’s one letter away from being a “bore”, but it is anything but that. This little kiss lock gem is the perfect blend of old and new.
Old meaning it reminds you of all those past coin purses. New in the sense that the way the leather was treated gives it a little natural sheen and the simplicity of the hues just give it that muted minimalism that modern style has currently embraced.

Patricia Nash Carrara Bucket Bag

Probably our favorite piece in the roster. It has frills and feather, made of leather and painted design. It has the perfect blend of the old west and ethnic vibe. We can see this being used during Coachella. Perfect for those carefree days with music, friends and great energy.