Aug 23, 2016

Pink has always been the “go-to” color for femininity. It may be the soft and inviting effect. But if you are not really a “pink” person, but would still like to open up to the theme, well “peach” is here to save you.
One thing about this color is that it has a hint of orange to give it more vibrancy and a sense of activeness than pink. So if you are looking for a more “pro-active” sense of feminine, embrace this hue. And speaking of “active”, these peach bags are ready to go with you.

Herschel Little America Backpack

For the feminine traveler. This Herschel Peach Backpack is absolutely eye catching. Usually, you see dark hues for this type of bag or even printed. Something to just disguise the simplicity of its silhouette. But splash on the peach hue and you got yourself a whole new number! We love how the polyester material of the bag also gives it a semi-organic appeal. It gives it that young, fun travel vibe.

Marc Jacobs Metropolitote Tote Bag

Simple and straight to the point. The urban jungle wastes no time to the stutterers of style. We love how this Marc Jacobs tote is just allowing the peach color to shine through. It just gives of the feminine vibe with a strength of its bag construction. Perfect for the CEO on the rise

Calvin Klein Let The Sunshine In Clutch

The name of the bag just fits it perfectly. This dainty and girly clutch is perfect for those soft and flowy girl-next-door outfits. Partner it with your lacey tops or skirts and you got yourself a glowing and blooming appeal. As usual, aside from the bright hue, this golden chain adds a little metallic charm to the mix, giving it a luxurious feel at the same time.