Sep 03, 2016

You definitely started singing the Flintstones theme in your head. Don’t worry, the cartoon did not make a new bag line. However, we really can’t ignore their little cuties --- Pebbles and Bam-Bam. Why you ask? Well, this reminds us of these fabulous pebbled leather bags that packs a “bam-bam” in terms of style! Here is our top picks!

Etienne Aigner Crossbody

Why we love this little number? Well for one thing it’s size makes it comfortable to put on you as you go about your day. To add, the pebbled leather design is not just the blue patch in the front, but also the light nude shade in the back. Coupled with some suede, you know this bag is going to be smooth and soft to the touch, with a bit of grounding feel. Amazing to take with you on your easy days as you go about your day in the city.

Coach Handbag

Simple and elegant --- Coach is usually defined by that. But this emerald green shade is really the one that elevates it to a luxurious level. Paired with pebbled leather, there is something so indulging in this bag that makes you want to break out all those expensive baubles, that long chiffon maxi dress that you have been saving for something special, and gold flats just to embrace the feeling of style decadence.

Etienne Aigner Hobo bag

Honestly, not a lot of people fancy the term “hobo”. However, people are embracing the “bag concept” of it, mainly because of how effortlessly chic it is. It’s like you put it on you and you stopped caring about style, but ironically this amplifies your ensemble even more. Now that’s a fashion contradiction we definitely want to get into. The pebbled leather design is enough to carry the bag visually, aside from the eye-catching fringe all over.