Jun 30, 2016

Premier or high end bags are designer bags that sell for a pretty penny. Most of these bags retail between $1500 and $5000. You will find that those closer to the $1500 point of the range being minis, clutches and small cross bodies. You will be able to find brands that offer premium bags below the $1500 mark and these tend to be simple bag options that can reel you into the market of premium hand bags.

Premium handbags are made from the finest material, higher end options that get into 5 figures and above are often made from exquisite materials. One thing that is true to all high end hand bags regardless of their price point is that they are usually very detailed and sometimes quite interestingly so. They are also very varied and you won’t find too many of the same bag designs which is a plus for you as you will be able to wear your handbag proudly knowing you won’t see it around every corner or at every desk in your office.

Regardless of the high price point of premium designer bags they still do manage to create a lot of consumer interest. And while not everyone may be able to afford only high end bags, a smart lady shopper knows to save up for at least one premium piece even if it is a mini or smaller type of handbag. This is especially true if you are just entering into the world of high end bags. It can be daunting to spend 4 figures on a handbag but you will find once you purchase your first it will be hard for you to purchase your previous brands again.

If you are looking for your first high end bag, remember that we all have a different starting point as well have different budgets. No one is telling you to put your entire monthly salary towards the purchase of a high end bag. Look at your expenses and see what you can afford then delve into the world of premium bags, starting from the bottom. Over time you can move further and further up the price ladder, but baby steps – we all have to start somewhere after all.

Premier Handbag Brands

Now, the term high end handbag may have different meaning from one person to another, what may be a high end brand to me may be a drop in the bucket for a say a celebrity. Some of the brands that may come to the minds of many when they think of high end handbags include Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Chloé, Prada, Givenchy, Fendi and Bottega Venetia to name a few. Others on a lower budget however may consider these to be insanely priced and their “high end” go to bags would probably be your Coach, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade or MCM. These latter brands may offer high end bags that are at a more attainable price point for the average girl and offer you the ability to comfortably purchase more than one hand bag. These brands also make top quality handbags and leather goods and they are made with good quality material so they are durable as well as they are stylish and fashion forward.

Premier hand bags like Balenciaga and Chanel come in a number of classic designs that are still being sold today after their original release many years ago. These bags are really top of the line and they actually appreciate the older they get once they are kept in good condition. A number of these brands over the years reinvent previous styles with different materials and accents to offer more modern and on trend looks. You will find even used bags will sell for 75% or more of their retail value showing just how highly esteemed these bags are. In the end, giving three ordinary handbags to purchase one premium handbag is a good call ladies and you won’t regret it. On a budget? Don’t worry, you can find premium handbags at a price point you can afford and you won’t be disappointed, you will actually find that your money will be well spent as these bags are luxurious and durable – worth every dime.