Jul 21, 2016

Shades of purple are a combination of red and blue. When it comes to color psychology, blue is calm and stable while red represents fierce energy. If you find yourself attracted to purple you may find that you are a combination of the two colors blue and red. Purple is known to be a color that represents, power, royalty, luxury, ambition and nobility. It exudes grandeur, extravagance, mystery, pride, wealth and independence. From an emotional standpoint if you are drawn to clothing and other wardrobe items that are the color purple then you have a deep need for security of the emotional kind. You like balance in all aspects of your life and you have a need for helping others that must be fulfilled. If purple is you favorite color and you need yet another purple bag, you are in the right place.

If you are just delving into handbags and are increasing your line to have variety, you should definitely choose from our line of purple handbags. Find just a few below and many more on our website right here. We have a variety of styles in different shades of purple, you will be sure to find your favorite.

The Ecco Haya

This satchel style handbag is made from embossed cow leather in a deep purple or violet hue and has a fabric lining. It measures approximately 14 x 10 x 5 inches. It features a top zipper closure to keep all your essentials safely tucked away. Inside you will find two compartments with zipper closure – a divider section and a pocket. There are also slash pockets inside and a strap for your key ring. Its double handles are designed in a tubular fashion and the bag features high shine hardware on the exterior.

The Emma Fox New Classics

Try this satchel if you are looking for a more tender shade of purple. This handbag is made from suede and leather in a pale and delicate lavender or lilac type purple. Ion the inside you will find a nice lining fit with a number of organizational open top pockets. It features a shoulder carrying strap that is adjustable and removable and also offers a single flat handle at the top which can be used for carrying the handbag. It features a flap closure with a turn lock. The flap features a pretty hardware accent in a gold tone color. On the outside of this handbag you will find a front slip pocket as well as one at the rear. On the back of the bag you will find brand detailing and the flat base of the bag also features metal feet for protection from the surfaces you place your handbag on.

The Foley & Corrina Luna

This bucket style handbag is great for your casual encounters. This bag is made from 100% sheepskin wrinkled leather in a purple or violet hue and features a cotton lining on the inside. It has an adjustable shoulder strap with a 22 inch shoulder drop. The bag has a large capacity measuring 13 x 9.5 inches and in a slouchy and relaxed crescent shaped style there is a lot of stuff you can fit into this bag. The bag features a snap or magnetic closure coupled with a drawstring with tassels.

If you are up to making your purple statements with a smaller bag then check out the following.

The Calvin Klein Leather Crossbody

This small cross body bag is made from 100% cow leather and features a polyester lining on the inside. It comes in a violet/purple color and is small in size. Its cross body strap offers a 23 inch shoulder drop and it features a zipper closure. On the exterior front you will find the Calvin Klein logo in a gold toned metal hardware accent. This is a pretty simple and straightforward bag that can be thrown on when you are going out with friends just to grab some coffee/ drinks or on a casual lunch date.

The Coach Corner Zip

This small wristlet is made from leather and comes in a violet/purple color. It is a great option for running a quick errand where you don’t need all the essentials in your handbag. It features a zipper closure that runs from side to side and can double as your wallet and be thrown into your regular handbag easily.
If these purple handbags don’t draw you then you should definitely check out our complete line of handbags. With our unique filter option you simple describe your ideal purple handbag in the search box and we will filter out everything else for you.