Dec 12, 2016

Kate Spade --- a household name indeed. Worn by IT girls and fashionistas all over the globe and wanted by the wannabees, it’s no wonder this brand has for this long. And of course, here in Bag Cupid, we can only rejoice. After all, if you are for the romantic type of bags (you know, the type that you see in those rom com movies --- the heroine, clutching a floral wristlet on her hands while walking), well then, you are in luck. Check out these three bags for you to enjoy!

Kate Spade Floral Handbag

If 500 Days Of Summer was a bag, we bet that this would be what it looks like. A bit dramatic and grounded (floral over green background), this reminds us of that carefree days of love and the sudden ice water wash of reality.
Take this with you during your stay at the park, wearing Zooey Deschanel’s signature vintage girl look. You’ll never know when your own 500 days of Summer will be starting. But of course, we are hoping for a better ending. In this case, you got an amazing Kate Spade Floral Handbag out of it.


Kate Spade Polka Dot Handbag

Much has been said about Carrie Bradshaw and not much of our dear Charlotte York. Beautiful, sophisticated, smart and eloquent, this champion of True Love know what’s real and not like it’s black or white. And if she was transformed into a bag, then this Kate Spade number is a dead ringer. A classic, well-structured polka dot piece is all that you need to look like our dear Charlotte finding love in New York.

Kate Spade Pink And White Tote

And the Queen of All Romance Comedies (at least during the 90’s) enters the game --- Meg Ryan. America fell in love with her in every movie. She is the epitome of a woman in all her feminine glory --- finding and getting love. She is usually the simple girl next door archetype, full of fun and positive energy. And if she was a Kate Spade Bag, it would be this pink and white tote. Simple and feminine, go grab this piece and invoke the Meg Ryan circa 1990’s appeal.