Jul 16, 2016

Red as a hue can be a bit intimidating to use in your daily style. Not all red shades are equal and you definitely have to find the right one that will suit not only your preference, but the shades of your general style. And of course, as a bag? You have to consider its function. And so with these tricky fashion waters, the question is asked - which red handbag style is for you?

Consider your wardrobe’s color

As stated earlier, not all shades of red are equal. And even more tricky? Each shade compliments different sets of colors. So how do you know which one is the best?
Consider your styling needs first. If majority of your wardrobe’s shade is dark, then use your handbag’s hue to at least add a pop of color into it. Find a bright tint of red to contrast the dark tones of your outfit. If your wardrobe covers the opposite side of the color spectrum, consider grounding it up with some deeper red tints.

Consider your style in general

Are you a rocker? Are you casual chic? Parisienne? Tokyo Goddess? All-American?
Consider your general style in choosing the right iconic red bag for you. If your style is more on the sweet side, consider some charming elements like a sturdy bow in red pastels. On the other hand, if your style is all about hard and edgy, then loud, bright red handbags with stud elements can be great for you.

Consider your lifestyle

And of course, after all the considerations, those would mean NOTHING if your bag doesn’t do its main function - carry all of your stuff. So make sure that when you do choose it, pick one that can actually apply to your daily errands.

If you are the type that carries a lot of stuff, a sturdy red tote would be perfect. Minimalist? A nice statement red clutch. Just the essentials? A mini-cross body bag would be the right option.