Jun 25, 2016

Tote bags are very versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. They usually are designed without a fastener and are constructed with well-made handles. You will find totes with just one large compartment while some may include smaller compartments inside. They are large and flexible so they can fit pretty much anywhere and allow you to carry around almost anything. I think every lady should have at least one tote bag in her collection of bags. If you are like me one just won’t do, but if you want to save and still be fabulous then a reversible tote will do the trick.

A reversible tote bag has the capability to meet all your days’ demands while giving you the option to switch it up for different activities. Reversible totes tend to have a conventional color on one side and a more ‘exciting’ color on the other side. Totes allow for functionality and style, you can wear your tote on the more conventionally colored style to work and flip it around on the weekend to its more vibrant side as you go out and enjoy your weekend.

Advantages of Reversible Totes for Everyday Use
  • Versatility – Tote bags in and of themselves have a lot of uses and a reversible tote offers you even more versatility. They can be used for work, as overnight bags, for shopping, as school bags and even beach bags and even more.
  • Capacity – Tote bags allow for a large capacity as they can hold everything you need from your laptop, to your tablet, wallet, makeup kit a pair of flip flops and even a change of clothes all at the same time without giving away that you have so many items packed into it. Since these bags are not structured they tend to hold much more than they appear to have the capacity for.
  • Fashion Statement – What’s the point of wearing a handbag just for its functionality? Make a fashion statement every time you wear your reversible tote with no one being the wiser that you only have one tote bag.
  • Durability – Tote bags are made to be versatile and so they are made very durable so they do last a while. A reversible tote bag allows you to switch it up so even if your tote last for years no one will be the wiser that you only have one!
  • Variety – Variety like versatility is very important in a woman’s closet. We can never have enough variety and versatility and those are two things that you can get when you purchase a reversible tote.
  • Re-Usable – Due to their design reversible tote bags can be used multiple times over for different reasons. Since they are not structured or designed for specific use, you can use them over and over in different capacities.
  • Gifting – A reversible tote is a great gifting option for your gal pal that loves her handbags and can’t have too much.

A reversible tote opens a world of opportunities for us who love bags. They can help save money for more bags since purchasing one is like purchasing two bags for the price of one. These totes allow for personalization since you can wear your tote the way you like and for the purposes you like. They provide lots of space for all your daily essentials and then some all without being too bulky. They can be worn over your shoulder or over your arm and can take you to the office and then to the gym without anybody being the wiser as to what’s inside your bag. Reversible totes are perfect for going everywhere and taking everything – well almost everything- they are deep and light so they won’t add weight to the load of your contents.

These are just a couple reasons you could benefit from the purchase of reversible tote bag and us girls can never have too many bags.