Dec 29, 2016

A tote can be a simple thing. From canvas to leather, this bag gem has been used, coveted and loved by women all over. Any why not? It offers space, style and powerful adaptability. There’s a tote for almost ANY occasion. With that in mind, we just saw these amazing Roxy Printed Totes. They look soft, fun and lively. Take one home and liven up your wardrobe!

Roxy Geometric Tote

Hook, line and sinker. In this bag’s case, however, it’s hook, LOOP and sinker! As much as it is comfortable to carry around (look at that broad straps!), it’s also easy to access your things with the hook and loop closure.
The geometric print on the canvas gives it a lively appeal. So if you are looking for something to liven up your dull T-shirt, denim shorts and sneakers --- this is the piece to pair it with.

Roxy Blue Tote

If you are looking for something more subtle, something that is a bit reminiscent of both beach and spring, then this Roxy blue tote is your baby. The combination of blue hues, faded peach print and florals give it that mixed vibe of spring and summer.
We highly suggest pairing this to your simpler and more dressed down wardrobes. Maybe that dark skinny jean and long sleeved, white button down combination. Pair it with heels for some sophisticated touch and you got yourself that Parisian feel.

Roxy Bohemian Tote

If you are aiming to embrace that care-free Bohemian look, then this Roxy Bohemian Tote is the perfect gem for you to take home. A combination of vanilla, orange and teal geometric print all over, it’s definitely a animated tote to jive with your other printastic pieces in your closet. Unlike the first one however, the print of this bag is a bit straight, giving it a more focused form of aesthetic.