Feb 24, 2017

It doesn’t have to be love day to turn on the heat. It also doesn’t need to be Summer either. And as we are now experiencing the middle of Spring, we should just be delighted that there are still ways to exude the feelings of seduction without the usual “blatancy”. Check out these sleek, smooth and shiny clutches!

Nina Purple Satin Clutch

When you think of sexy and sleek clutches, Nina has perfected it in such a way that it becomes a classic in your closet. For those long gown evenings down to the “casual irony” that you may be planning for a wardrobe, you know that this purple satin clutch spells “royalty” all over.
With a golden chain, you can turn this into a small crossbody and with that, add a little bling while you are at it.

Nina White Satin Clutch

Clean, white and crisp. The twist of the fabric and the way that it is still flattened and not “fluff” on the clutch itself is one of the many ways Nina as a brand will amaze you. And what is seduction without a drizzle of that?
Adding the snap/magnetic closure, you know it adds a little “snap” to your wardrobe --- may it be a long formal dress or the maxi dress you have chosen to wear that day. This bag is a great foundation for prints and blasts of color.

Nina Beige Satin Clutch

Make a statement or two with this Nina Beige Satin Clutch. Simple and constructive on one side and a blast of rhinestones on the other, it’s the “two-faced” drama that any fashionista would like to welcome into their lives (in this case, closet). And if you are looking for a small and subtle seductive innuendo from this bag --- maybe the kiss lock feature is the thing.