Jul 22, 2016

Dear fashionistas, I know that you already know this but, you can never ever underestimate the power of a handbag! It's the key element in your army of accessories and says a lot about your taste, personality, and style. It's the ultimate accessory, which has the power to make a real statement without too much effort. No matter how much into fashion you are, one thing is certain, no outfit is complete without the right handbag. The question is, did you ever consider to choose it in a nice shade of gray?

Definitely trendy, a gray handbag will go with most of your day to day outfits. And the difference is in the details! So, how to choose the ideal gray bag?
The first and most important aspect is to discover when you will use a gray handbag. Then you need to think about its size and then your outfits.

Size & Style

If you only need the basics like phone, keys, and wallet, you can choose the smallest gray handbag.
But if you want to wear it on a daily basis, walking through the city, then choose a small to medium size.
If you want to easily store your make-up, sunglasses, a book, a perfume and so on, you'll need a bigger bag. Tote bags are ideal for this situation.

If you need to run around a lot a multi handle bag will prove to be quite useful, and don't forget that gray can complement any outfit!
For office days, you can consider a medium sized, elegant gray handbag that will store all your essentials and highlight your super stylish outfit.
I know that black handbags will always be trendy, but gray variations will get you out of your comfort zone and give some boldness to your day to day looks!