Jul 01, 2016

There is a current trend in downsizing bags that is allowing mini bags to make mainstream. One of the most popular types of mini bags these days attracting both young and old are the small cross body handbags and satchels. They offer a minimalistic style when you need to have your hands free and only the basic essential items – your phone, your keys, a credit card, a little cash, a lippie and some tissue/wipes/hand sanitizer.

With a smaller bag you can usually pay a smaller price – you can get a premium bag at a lower cost if you are looking into these bags. They also help you rest your weary shoulders or arms. And though they are small they are by no means boring – well not if you don’t want them to be. Here is a good time to try out bold colors and patterns if you have always been shying away from them when it comes to your handbag choices. A small cross body saddle bag like the Coach Saddle Bag 23 with its bright patchwork pattern is a great place to start. It features a single adjustable black cross body strap and a flap closure. Its pattern makes it fun and it definitely makes a statement without being too obnoxious.

If you want to have a pop of bright color but don’t want multicolor per say you can definitely find something in a mini cross body style. For instance the Michael Kors Bedford – this bag comes in a hot pink color. Made with cowhide leather it is highly durable. The cross body strap is mainly chain which gives the bag a bit of feminine detail if you need to get more feminine than pink. It has a side snap closure with a flap going over the opening to keep your items more concealed.

If hot pink is a too flamboyant for you and you still want some color that is not too loud then you may like the Coach Journal. This small cross body bag comes in a deep purple shade. The color is not so loud but it exudes a lot of style and demands attention in a subtle way. It is made from exotic leather with a snake/python pattern with a plain flat double sided strap that is purple on one side and black on one side. The strap is also an adjustable cross body strap. It features a zipper closure right across the top which opens up to a single slot interior with a cell phone sleeve to one side.

So you still don’t think you need your mini bag to make a big statement with color? That’s fine; we all need to take it down a notch sometimes. If you are a black or brown bag kind of gal then the Coach Swingpack is your mini cross body bag. This is available in black and tan/brown and is a simple cross body bag that can accommodate the essentials and will fit in with your minimalistic look. Made from cross grain leather and with a zipper closure running straight across the top these bags allow for streamlined trendiness and functionality in a minimalistic way.

The mini cross body bag is a no fuss bag. It allows you the opportunity to go hands free and only carry the bare essentials. It is great for shopping in the mall, a night out at the club where you can keep your purse without it messing up your dance moves, a quick run somewhere with your toddler and so much more. I personally like having my small cross body as my only carry-on luggage when taking connecting flights, think about having to run to your connection with a big tote, duffel bag or even luggage on wheels!

Is the cross body mini bag for you? I guarantee you; you can find one that appeals to you even if you are a big bag girl. What do you love about the mini cross body trend? I love that it is no fuss, its simple and it is always right within arm’s reach and I don’t have to worry about carrying it or where I am going to put it down or if I am going to have to have someone watching it when I have to be tending to something else.