Aug 19, 2016

A lot of flak has been given to the word “vanilla”. Somehow this kind of flavor has been made synonymous to “plain and boring”. However, being “vanilla” is sometimes good too, especially when it comes to style. It’s a style palette cleanser and a great basis for design and ensembles. Just check out our top 3 vanilla bag picks!

Hello Kitty White Tote

Let’s not mess with this --- it’s Hello Kitty! It’s a classic! A fun and playful theme to add to your otherwise serious “adult” ensembles. This vanilla tote is perfect for those daily casual outfits that you have. Wear it with your basic top, skinny jeans and black flats for an instant effortless look.
It’s made up of both Nylon and Polyurethane. So rest assured that it’s going to be more dirt resistant than usual. Use this as your everyday bag and you’re still going to end up with a pristine “vanilla” looking tote bag.

Betsey Johnson Kitch Milk Shake

Obviously, it’s a Betsey Johnson. This ice-cream themed bag is a delight not only to the eyes but to your style. It’s, yet again, another playful element to add to your wardrobe. If you want to go for some irony on your outfit, pair this with a completely serious pant suit as you go about your day.
Want to go with the fun theme? Bust out those dainty-flirty and flowing dresses and strappy wedges. Pair it with this bag and you just got yourself a playful look.

Foley + Corrina Framed Handbag

Okay, so enough with the fun theme --- let’s get serious. This Vanilla handbag is definitely one for the “adults”. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that! If you want something that is less “cartoonish” and more “take me seriously”, then this bag is for you. We can see this complimenting your high corporate outfits.