Mar 13, 2017

“You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that’s what it’s like when I see a store. Only it’s better.” – Rebecca Bloomwood, Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie
This is the type of feeling that we also get when we find the perfect bag for us here in Bag Cupid. And speaking of “feelings” here are some bags that has a mixture of texture that will surely delight your senses.

Ralph Lauren Shearling Bucket Bag

A bit of leather. A bit of shearling. It’s the contrast of rough and soft and the smooth vs. the gritty that makes it all worth the buy.
Aside from the fact that it’s a bucket bag, providing you with amazing space and making it easy to close (drawstring closure), the aesthetic of the piece just reminds you of the Autumn and Winter seasons that have passed, yet the neutral tone is enough to be a background of your Spring and Summer outfits.

Montana West Embossed Handbag

Seal the teal! In this case, seal your style with the said hue. What we love about this Montana West, aside from its stunning color is the amazing details. The embossed leaf detailing on the bag is enough to override any need for the usual “bling to luxury” type of fashion route.
Combined with studs all over the bag, you get various textures as you carry this around. So not only is it a treat for the eyes, but also for your own senses.

Guess Quilted Crossbody

When something a little peachy comes your way, you know that you just have to stop and look. And then you see the quilted pattern placed all over it and you just know that you found yourself another reason to stay and touch.
We love how this Guess quilted crossbody is easy to carry (small in size, less than 12 inches) and with the solid hue like this, you can easily pile on the style without overdoing it.