Jun 28, 2016

The satchel handbag is a bag with a long strap that is often worn diagonally across the body. Originally satchels were worn by men and were used for carrying books. We women have managed to turn the design around a bit making these into fashionable items that turn heads whenever we walk by.

You may find that the definition of a satchel handbag is different from person to person. The typical traditional satchel for men had a flap. Modern day satchels for ladies can have as well as may not have the flap. Our satchels are structured, kind off a variation of a briefcase design. Now you will see reference to bags as satchel handbags one they have a rigid structure and the ability to stand freely on their own. They tend to have a sort of triangular shape and while they have a long strap they often have two short handles and are not worn across the body for the most part.

The Coach Swagger is a very trendy and fashion forward satchel. In a bold multicolored design, it is definitely a statement piece that will turn heads and grab attention. This is definitely for the lady who likes to be center of attention and who likes to have items that stand out. The Swagger is made with color block leather which gives a textured feeling to the touch and features a long cross body strap as well as two short tubular straps for handles. The cross body strap is made from pebbled leather and can be removed if you would rather not use it. This bag is a great carryall bag allowing you to carry a plethora of items in one bag. Though small in size you can still fit a tablet and the usual items in there comfortably. The Swagger features a zipper closure with a zipper that is blue in color matching the color on the façade of the handbag. On the bottom of the bag you will find feet that help to protect your bag from the surfaces that it is placed on throughout the day.

I love the color block aspect of this bag because
I think this allows the bag to be very versatile. I love wearing black and know I need to add some color;
I think this is a great way to add some color to your work wardrobe if that is a necessity in your life. The ability to wear the bag in three different ways also offers more versatility. It can be worn across the body, over the shoulder with the long strap or over the hand or in the hand with the tubular handles. The dog tag like accents offer an additional element and it is great that they are removable so if you don’t want anything dangling from your bag these will not be a deal breaker. Speaking about removable – if you don’t want to use the long strap you can remove it from the bag and use only the tubular handles for in hand or across arm carry.

Priced at $390 the Swagger is a great buy. Made by the luxury fashion company - Coach you know you are getting a top quality item made from the best quality materials and manufactured with procedures that only produce the best handbags on the market. This family owned business has been up and running since 1941 and has not stopped wowing men and women all over the world with their top of the line leather products.