Oct 21, 2016

The colors of the fall is legendary. The mixture of oranges, yellows, browns and reds all spread across the city and beyond, as it welcomes the changes of the season. While some people are looking forward to the pumpkin spice lattes, here in Bag Cupid we are looking at the orange bags instead. Here is our top picks:

Michael Kors Drawstring Bag

If you are into transitions in both life and style, then this drawstring bag was born to accompany you. Michael Kors created this gradient orange bag that will help you throughout the day and give you that “orange but not too much orange” look.
It’s the right pop of color against your cashmere sweaters and hard coats. But if you are more into the light of things, say yellow, white and pinks, then this orange is a great “blush” of hue for your ensemble.

Element Wallet

If you are looking for a style point that will really bring a pop to your daily wardrobe, then grab this orange number by Element. It may just be a small wallet, but you can definitely not ignore it. We love how the tribal pattern of black and orange just makes it shout on its own. Easy for those who have big bags too! The orange hue of the wallet will make sure that it’s going to be easy to spot down there.

Gx By Gwen Stefani Tote Bag

For the ones who is looking for unusual, look no further. Gwen Stefani, the style star and rock star that she is, has created a bag that will definitely etch a mark in your memory. This tall style tote bag has a lot of structural design elements that is definitely not the norm in the bag industry. Coupled with the right touch of orange, this bag is one for the girls who wants to rebel against the usual.