Apr 24, 2017

Petunia Pickle Bottom --- sounds like a name of a woman full of care. If Nanny McPhee was here, I am sure she would approve just as much. And in terms of bag, however, we definitely could not agree even more! Here are our top picks from the brand:

Petunia Pickle Bottom Yellow Tote

Bright, spacious and simple --- anything for the modern mother to get through the day with flair and style.
We love how this bag is enough for the errands as well as the needs of your little ones as you go about your day. At less than 14 inches, you can definitely expect essentials and more from this piece.
Perfect for your Spring and Summer outfits or even a great contrast to the dark colors of Fall and Winter. This Yellow Tote is always going to be fun and full of function.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Multicolor Diaper Bag

Really? It’s a diaper bag? Yes, ladies (and daddies). You heard it right.
We love how this multicolor diaper bag can also double up as a satchel (and even looks like it!). So when you get some time for yourself, take out those items for the littles, place your own essentials inside and have a nice cup of tea in your favorite café.
Did we also say that it’s a coated canvass? So you know that the structure will definitely be kept for a long time and dirt resistant is a feature it will deliver.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Tribal/Geometric Shoulder Bag

The name of it may mislead you. It can also be a satchel and a diaper bag in one. It is made up of cotton and if there is one thing that we can say about this piece is that --- it’s unique!
The silhouette is something that we rarely see around the bag industry. So if you are looking for something functional and “just for you” kind of thing --- then this little love gem is up for grabs.