Nov 10, 2016

Time to give in to the style shadows within. Sounds deep doesn’t it? A bit dangerous even? Well don’t fret so much. We are just talking about the dark red and black bags that has been waiting for you to reach out for. If you are looking for that piece with a sense of “dangerous woman” --- grab one of these:

Marc Jacobs Python Wallet

Red, black and now with added Python pattern! How much more symbolism of “dark temptation” do you need?
This Marc Jacob wallet is here to tell everybody for you --- “I am a strong female. I make my own hard earned money. Don’t mess with me.”
But aside from the obvious image that this piece will give you, it is more than just what meets the eye. It has credit card slots for you to organize your finances with. As well as a zipper lock closure for added protection. Small in size (less than 12 inches) so it’s comfortable to be brought with your other bags. No need to change so much.

Coach Plaid Tote

Something a bit “plaid” perhaps? Temptation after all, comes in different sizes and forms. In this case, the unassuming plaid gets the red and black treatment from Coach and leaves us with a casual yet “sinister” of a bag piece.
Perfect for your daily errands or even your designated “all day, any day” bag, this Coach tote gives you enough space and shoulder room to be carried around with ease.

Emma Fox Windham Haircaff Tote

Well they did say that things that go “bump” in the night have fangs and teeth. In this case, the bag is decorated with some hounds tooth pattern all over on its fur material. Perfect for those who love to dress preppy, this bag is the one to carry to channel a bit of “bad school girl” in you.