Jul 13, 2016

Gone are the days of the backpack belonging exclusively to schoolchildren. These days, fashionistas are donning the backpack and making it their own style statement. Forget those images of the strictly utilitarian backpacks of yore. Forget the images of plain black backpacks. Forget all the negative connotations you have of backpacks being uncool and out of style. There’s a new kind of backpack in town.

Michael Kors has always been a pioneer and a trailblazer when it comes to the fashion industry and setting trends that we just fall in love with. So it comes as no surprise that Michael Kors has designed a collection of backpacks that appeal to the modern fashion-loving woman. Combining that elusive mix of fashion and function, these backpacks definitely meet the practical quality that we know and love from this bag style. However, these Michael Kors backpacks pack a serious style punch.

Upping the sartorial ante of backpacks, these Michael Kors designs incorporate intricate detailing and edgy trends to make the humble backpack a must-have item for those wanting to be in the know. From rock n’ roll grommets to glamorous studs, from perforated detailing to quilted leather fabrications, these backpacks can rival the best purses you have in your current rotation. Made from sumptuous pebbled leather, these Michael Kors backpacks also feature eye-catching hardware and they come in bold colors as well.

There is a plethora of ways to style these Michael Kors backpacks. Make your LBD (little black dress) look daytime appropriate without sacrificing style when you sling a gold studded leather backpack over your shoulder and finish it off with black lace-up flats. These backpacks also naturally pair well with denim. Complete your denim cutoffs and off-shoulder top with a pastel pink perforated backpack, it’s such a fun way to get dressed and still have your daily essentials with you.
Designed for both style and practical use, you simply can’t go wrong with these glammed up backpacks from Michael Kors.