Jul 17, 2016

Your handbags can carry you more than you carry them from a functional standpoint and from an aesthetic standpoint, but you already knew that. What you may be less conscious about is the fact that the color handbags you choose can speak to your overall wealth, your self-esteem, your openness to receive and your consciousness. You’ve heard about Feng Shui in your home but you should also bear in mind the Feng Shui of your handbag. With the right handbag you can attract the energy of wealth and keep it flowing in your life.

Understand that your handbag is the home of your money whether it is your hard cash, debit and credit cards or your check book. The same basic principles of Feng Shui in your home apply to Feng Shui in your handbag. You want it to be beautiful and clutter free – only then can good Feng Shui be present. Having your handbag packed with rarely used items can speak chaos, fear, poverty and scattered energy over your life. So be sure to get rid of those old receipts and store cards, that tube of antibiotic ointment, that hair brush, the bottle of nail polish and whatever else you never use.

Where you store your bags when not in use is also very important. They must be in a place that is calm, secure and safe. You should be able to enjoy it being placed where it is and it should feel and look nice as well. Placement is not the only thing that is important when it comes to Feng Shui but also different colors tell different stories. The choice of color for your handbags or accessories is very personal but from a Feng Shui perspective the color you choose has a lot of meaning. Today we will only explore the color green.

Green is a popular color when it comes to Feng Shui. It is the color of the wood element and is a good choice for starting a fresh. The color green is great if you have the fire or the wood birth element. The green exudes love of life, vitality, joyful peace and abundance. If this is the type of energy you want in your life then you should definitely looking into getting a green handbag. We have a wide array of green bags here at Zoltu which you will find in various shades of green, so you can definitely find something that you will like. Find just a few of your options below that will have others green with envy;

The Coach Swagger

This satchel handbag is made from leather. It can be worn in a cross body style with its single strap or can be carried by its tubular handles. The cross body strap is adjustable and can be worn over the shoulder if you prefer. The strap is also removable if you would rather just to carry the handbag in your hand or across your arm. It is a medium sized bag which can hold all your essentials without being cluttered so you can maintain your Feng Shui balance and energy. It features a zipper closure, hardware feet and a hangtag.

The Foley & Corrina Bandeau

If you are attracted to a darker green and don’t carry around a lot of items in your handbag then this handbag is a great option for you. The Bandeau is a small satchel style handbag which is made from cowhide leather. It features a cross body strap as well as double handles as your carry options. The contents of your bag are secured with a zipper closure.

The Foley & Corrina Genesis

Check out this teal beauty that is sure to have them green with envy. This small cross body bag is set in an aquamarine, mint green, teal color. It is made from cowhide leather with a snake or python print texture along with gold hardware and accents. It features a gold colored chain straps and features a zipper closure.

Remember whatever you choose, you want to maintain order by having a clear system to carry only what you need. You should never cram your handbag full but always leave some space. Finally if starting afresh is your aim then you should definitely accessorize with a green handbag.