Aug 20, 2016

The Parisian Woman --- a woman of pure effortless style that enthralled the whole world, numerous books have been written about her. It’s all about how to get her style, why is she so iconic and what are the thing that makes the style “Parisian”. Well, look no further, the brand, French Connection, gives you one of the keys to achieving it.

Keep It Simple. Try: French Connection Hobo Bag

Being a Parisian woman is all about keeping it simple and understated. This allows your own personality and spirit to shine. No amount of high profile brand can give that to you. After all, the best accessory that you can wear is your confidence and bravado. So get a bag that is subtle in both silhouette and color. It will make you “pop more” than the outfit.

Focus On Quality. Not The Price. Try: French Connection Nadia Tote

In terms of the Parisian style, the concern is more on the quality than the price. She can sport the most expensive baubles down to the cheapest and make it look like it’s the most priceless thing in the world. As long as it speaks to her and she knows it’s worth the investment, there’s nothing stopping a woman of style to get it. French Connection is a brand that promises great quality at affordable prices. At $60, this brown, perforated polyurethane bag, gives you just that.

One bag that styles it all. Try: French Connection Kim Handbag

There is always that one bag that does it all for you. In terms of Parisian style, it’s about the “ultimate IT bag”. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, what matters is that it’s a bag that speaks of the owner and the durability that can last (almost) forever. So choose a bag that fulfills those things and you got yourself one of the many Parisian woman style elements.