Jul 31, 2016

When it’s time to pack up and go, you definitely need to know what kind of closure you need. Of course, we are talking about your bag. Style is important, but function will always be “king” in choosing one. After all, no amount of stylishness can change the fact that your bag is supposed to carry and protect your things from unwanted prying. So here are some bag closures that you can consider in choosing the best one for you.

Snap/Magnetic Flap

Probably the easiest bag closure in the market (aside from the string pull, of course). The snap/magnetic flap is simply putting over a cover on the opening of your bag and having 2 magnetic pieces keep it that way.
This type of closure is perfect for you if you are aiming for convenience. Security though is pretty low as it is easy to both close and open unnoticed at the same time.

Turnlock Flap

This is basically the cousin of the snap/magnetic flap closure. But instead of just two magnets keeping your bags closed, one part of the lock goes through a hole on the flap and you “turn it” to lock it.
This has more procedure in closing and opening, so convenience wise it’s definitely a bit harder to manage than the snap one. However, the turnlock closure provides more security as it may take more time to open it than just flipping the cover of the bag open. So if you are looking for something more secure than the snap, this is the bag closure you need.


Probably the most secured bag closure you can bet on. The zipper fully closes the bag and it may even have holes wherein you can put a small lock on it to make sure that it will be harder for anyone to access it.
Despite the full closure and depending on the zipper quality, bags with zipper closure can actually still be convenient. After all it’s just a “zip” to both open and close your piece. However, with its interlocking mechanism, you can count on a bit of security for your items inside.