Oct 10, 2016

Every lady needs that one stud that just brings love and joy in her life. And although that maybe the job of fate, here in Bag Cupid, we offer the next best thing --- the best studded bag that will bring style, flair and attention to your next wardrobe.

Michael Kors Crossbody

You need the kind of stud that will compliment your femininity. Strong and structured yet has that dash of softness that will appeal to your natural aura. Sounds like a great lover doesn’t it? For the meantime, however, we are talking about this bag.
Michael Kors created this mint green crossbody to become your next best wardrobe partner. This bag is ready to give that feminine touch to any hard and edgy outfits you may have or even to just add more softness to your dainty get up. And with the stud design all over it? You are sure that the bling is already included.

Isabella Fiore Shoulder Bag

Some studs will give you chocolates to sweeten the deal. This studded bag though is about to give you the same color hue without the calories. Made to be your partner in style, this Isabella Fiore number is a bag that you definitely have to say “I do” to.
The golden stud contrast is an absolute joy of luxurious touch vis-à-vis the perforated design of it. Add some tassel with braided cord and you got yourself some edgy arm candy. Wear it with your casual shirt and skinny jean combo or even down to the hippie-bohemian maxi dress and strap flats classics. This is one bag that surely will not let you go.

Foley + Corrina Crossbody

The ultimate stud will be with you through thick and thin. In terms of bag though, it’s supposed to go to as many outfit combinations as it can. And this bag? It’s definitely about to deliver. The classic black and stud combination is the type that can be paired from our low key ensembles down to your formals (prepare for some rock irony though).