Jul 08, 2016

Michael Kors really knows what women want from his creations and he manages to balance comfort, elegance, and style, to create beautiful bags that every woman would want to wear. Each of his creations tells its own story, by itself and through its design.
From brightly colored, shoulder bags to roomy XXL designs, Michael Kors's handbags have become so desirable because they are affordable and functional.


If you want a practical handbag, choose a functional design that you can wear in any season and situation. The Selma handbag is a symbol of style. Spacious and modern, this handbag harmonizes any outfit and gives a touch of elegance.

Jet Set

From a stylish and decorative accessory, this handbag has become a practical and utilitarian piece. The Jet Set design is a must-have in any fashionista's wardrobe. It's timeless and very versatile.


The Hayley Tote perfectly combines the urban style with the latest fashion trends. Functional and chic, this spacious carryall withstands the changes in style, demonstrating that it's an essential wardrobe accessory for every contemporary woman.


This cross body bag is unique and modern. And because good things come in small packages this bag has a wearable structured design that is also elegant. It's practical and refined, but also easy to match.


This bag works in every season and you'll always be in the spotlight. With a design that combines an urban vibe with sporty influences, the Sloan bag easily matches your outfits regardless of the style you want to adopt.