Mar 02, 2017

Drawstring closure, North-South form and a long strap --- the typical Bucket bag look. But for the meantime, we are going to present something fresh and new. We have gathered our top 3 choices for your not-so-typical bucket bags.

Foley + Corrina Bucket Bag

Sure. It has the usual North-South form for a bag. But! The form in itself, with the absence of the drawstring closure (it has a zipper detail instead), has become more of an inverted trapezoid shape.
So if you are tired of the ruffled effect and want a smooth and clean classic, then this $65 piece is ready for the taking. And with a solid red leather hue, you know it’s going to be more style adaptable for many of your wardrobe combinations.

Deux Lux Bucket Bag

First thing to notice is the fact that this small (less than 12 inches) Deux Lux Bucket Bag looks like a badass black pineapple. A little edgy with its gold studs on its quilted material, this is one bucket bag that spells “rocker” more than “boho”, which is the usual association of bucket bags. And with the grommet accent and golden chain strap, you know it’s all about the bling for this one.

Olivia + Joy Bucket Bag

No drawstrings? Check. Not North-South? Check. This is a definite example of a not-so-typical bucket bag. Olivia + Joy gives you a whole new approach by merging a “basket silhouette” with that of a bucket shape. What you end up with is a unique marriage of a convertible piece.
With a saddle color, you now have with you a neutral hue that can become the foundation of a powerful and colorful outfit of the day. Pair this with your denim shorts, boots and a chiffon-floral printed button down for a laid back cowboy-esque vibe.