Aug 14, 2016

A wedding may be a union between two souls who are in love, but it’s also a great excuse to bust out some statement styles that you won’t be able to do for a while. One of which would be the classy minaudiere.

A minaudiere is basically a small handheld case bag that is usually of snap on in form of closure. It usually can just stand on its own when placed on a flat surface and is heavily decorated to be used as a statement piece. It sometimes have a chain strap option for easy carrying. It is with these characteristics that a Minaudiere is usually used during ultra-formal occasions like weddings.
But which one is perfect for you? Check out our tips below:

Keep it simple. Try: Jessica McClintock’s Pheonix

Minaudiere bags are more known for their visual texture than the silhouette. And if you want to use this for more than just one occasion, find one is a simple bag shape so it can easily be paired with your other ensembles. Think of it as the “formal touch” for your casuals, when you just want to chill and go out in the most minimalist way possible.

Go for Metallic. Try: Aldo Windflower

Metallic will never go out of style, we tell you know. So if you are looking for season longevity and application (and occasion bending characteristic), the metallic style of minaudiere is the perfect choice. Dark ones last longer as it can take in some scratches without being obvious in the long run, unlike its light counterparts.

Embrace Intense Beadwork. Try: Aldo Chengtu

Choose one in the same hues all over and allow the texture of the beads itself to be the focal point of the whole bag style. This way, it’s still “simple” but the combination of a bit of gloss from the beads.