Feb 27, 2017

Valentine’s may be over but love will always fill the air. Take it from us. There is always an excuse to feel hot and sexy. In fact, we can give you at least three. Here are the three sexiest Red bags we currently have in our roster.

Michael Kors Red Crossbody

Small and sweet just like a fiery red cherry --- this Michael Kors bag is the one to top your sexy milkshake.
But puns aside, you know you want this little red gem. Made up of cowhide leather, you know that the texture is there. Pop in some gold studs and you got yourself some sexy piece of “hard-wear”.

Armani Jeans Red Jelly Handbag

Don’t be too jelly! A cute term for jealous --- that’s what most people say when you see your crush being held by another. But then again you are reminded that you have an Armani Jeans Red Jelly Handbag and you know that someone is also jealous about that. So still, it’s a win-win.
Medium in size (12”-13.5”) this jelly barrel bag is perfect to make a statement of either “taken with a style token” or “single with style”. Pair it with your corporate attires down to your casual button down dresses. Perfect for both Spring and Summer flings.

Nina Red Clutch

Classic is never basic. At least that is our point of view. And when it comes to those sexy clutch bags for date nights, Nina has got one for you. This red, shiny with silver detailed red clutch is perfect for those simple but sexy outfits.
Think of this as that massive red ruby that you carry around like the queen that you are or better yet, a symbol of your big red heart opening for the right lover.