Sep 05, 2016

Here in bag cupid, we take finding your “forever” seriously. Classic, edgy and sexy --- who could resist being stuck with that? Here are our top 3 picks for chain bags:

Deux Lux Satchel

The classic black and gold combination is shown in this little number. We love how this edgy piece can take any casual or formal outfit down to the path of rock. If there is one bag that you want to commit to, then look no further. This “old bag and chain” is the one to have. Easy to pair with and easy to carry around --- what more can you ask for?

Coach Crossbody

Looking for elegance? Thinking of those high end parties during NYC fashion week? Then this is the perfect “bag date” to take with you. Never look like a lonely girl in a crowd of sexy and sophisticated people. With this Coach crossbody, you will look like an independent women soaked in luxury --- who needs a man when this bag will never break your heart?

Deux Lux Bucket Bag

When fun and flamboyance is your type of thing, then this bag was created just to be your mate for the rest of your style life. We love how this bucket bag is decorated with the longest frills that gives it movement and life, while the sheen of the vegan ecru material just gives it that “expensive” bag look, even though it is $100. So go ahead and tell your silk dresses and pant suits that they don’t have to be lonely anymore. Their “soulmate” is just a click away for you to get.